Vignettes is a collection of short slice-of-life narrative adventures. It was made for Global Game Jam 2022. Since the jam’s rules were a lot more flexible this year I decided to take it easy, so this was completed in about 60 hours instead of 48. (Even so, I didn’t add everything I wanted to add but I am happy that the game is still complete.)

The jam’s theme was "Duality". There is no correct path – these stories are just brief meditations on life. I hope they make you think about your own life and the infinite number of paths that decisions and choices unlock.

The game will launch in full screen mode.


  • Mandy J Watson (@mandyjwatson):
    Game design, narrative and writing, programming, and art
  • Fonts:
    Munro by Ten By Twenty (SIL Open Font Licence 1.1);
    Nevis by Ten By Twenty (SIL Open Font Licence 1.1); and
    Pixel Operator by Jayvee Enaguas/HarvettFox96 (Creative Commons Zero (CC0) 1.0 Universal).

Software Used:

Version 1.0.1: 6 February 2022
- Fixed some typos.

Version 1.0: 30 January 2022
- Original Global Game Jam version


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So I drank one cold tea, one insipid tea (new vocab acquired), got a ticket, and did not go on a trip.... great :)


LOL. That tyre thing actually happened to me many, many years ago but I did go on the road trip after getting it fixed and had an amazing solo adventure in my country.