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This is an interesting idea. However, in creating a visual dungeon crawler with ascii or art, what about those blind players who can't see but who will still want to crawl the dungeon via text?

This was a jam game I made in 72 hours in October to see if the basics of a mechanic I had thought about were actually possible in Twine, especially considering my Twine programming knowledge at the time. The game is partly an homage to a game called Eye Of The Beholder, which was made in the 1990s, in a way that I could make it because I can't yet make games in Unity or Godot, for example. I wanted to see if I could recreate that game's feeling in Twine of clicking through a pixel dungeon, even though Twine isn't usually known for that sort of game. I actually did think about blind people but that's a whole other level of complexity that I didn't have time to solve during the jam. Therefore I intentionally didn't mark this as a blind-friendly game (only colour-blind friendly) in's system.

One option would have been sound, which I didn't even get to at all - not even sound creation, nevermind programming - and, in fact, I did not even have the programming skill for until January, where I finally figured out some stuff while working on another game.

Again, this was a jam game and I had a specific visual mechanic that I was trying to build in a constrained timeframe as a learning experience. Other games I've made (The Light At The Frankenstein Place and The Time Machine, for example) are straight text adventures that only have a little bit of decorative art and therefore should work well with screen readers.


Wow! I’m extremely impressed and I’ll sure replay this again to see what happens. My highlight is already The Gryphon MacGuffin

It's a bit buggy here and there because it was a hectic 72-hour jam. I might do a polish build just for my own peace of mind because most of those little bugs should be easy to fix. Thank you for venturing forth!


That is SUPER impressive!!!

Thank you!